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About us

The company’s history goes back to the year of 1983 – when Zdzisław Grobelny decided to make use of his experience gained during years of work at various state-owned companies and started his own business under the name Zakład Obsługi Technicznej Chłodnictwa [refrigeration technical support company]. Since then the Company has been steadily growing – and we prefer changes to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, as we observe the principle of sustainable development. Throughout its operation, it has always been a family company – in 2002, Przemysław Grobelny, the owner’s son, began the process of taking over some of managerial responsibilities (following his graduation). The most important part of our activity is meeting stringent standards in terms of business ethics. We strive to be a reliable partner for our suppliers and clients. Our employees appreciate friendly work conditions. We managed to build an effective and strong team which is the foundation of our future growth.

The basic area from which our company developed (and which we are still involved in) is refrigeration. Our offer for this industry covers, among others, sale of equipment – from the largest components, such as refrigeration units, coolers, chillers, etc., to such components as compressors, fans, liquid separators, de-oiling systems, etc., as well as small automation and control elements. Our devices are primarily bought by installation companies active in this field. All components are carefully selected to meet clients’ needs. We also gladly share our experience and knowledge offering consultation on optimum solutions.

We are also known in the refrigeration industry as contractors of complete systems. Here we focus on the most challenging tasks, e.g. chambers requiring extremely specific temperature and humidity conditions, etc.

On the surface, the remaining branches of our activity cover completely different industries than refrigeration; however there is always one common denominator which happens to be the key aspect of cooling systems, namely thermodynamics. And so, the condenser wood dryers we build are little different from other devices with freon-based cooling systems. We simply maximise the effect that is the major flow of traditional cooling systems – condensation of moisture on the cold heat exchanger. As for the equipment for the CO2 industry – they are also elements which basically do the same job in freon- or ammonium-based cooling systems; however as regards their application in CO2 systems, we designed them from scratch and adapted them to such specific agent as CO2.

Our clients include the largest Polish, European and global companies (LINDE, MESSER, KOMPANIA PIWOWARSKA, CARLSBERG, ACP Polska, ACP Belgium, STOCZNIA GDAŃSK, etc.). 

Our equipment meets the most challenging global standards.